Article: Could your cinema host free school screenings as part of Into Film’s spring programme?

Into Film is looking for FAN venues to host free schools screenings as part of their spring programme (8-25 March 2022). 

As we all continue to grapple with the threat of climate change, the fall-out from a global pandemic, issues of social justice, and a sense of lost connection within our communities, children and young people need the inspirational power of the arts more than ever before. At Into Film, we know that there is no better space for this than the cinema.

This season of films celebrates stories of heroism in all its forms. This includes ordinary people taking a stance and finding the courage to stand up for what is right; groups of people discovering the power of collective action to facilitate change, celebrate who they are, and form deep social connections; and stories of inspirational figures that prove to us that anything is possible.

We want to celebrate the cinema and bring the greatest heroic figures back to the big screen where they belong, enabling young audiences to revel in the magic of cinema and realise its power to do good.

Curated around the theme ‘heroes of all shapes and sizes’, all titles in the programme will  be screened with subtitles. 

If you’re keen to get involved, please fill out this form by 19 November 2021

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