Article: Introducing the FAN Young Consultants

The FAN Young Consultants are a 21 strong group of under 30 year olds working in Film Exhibition across the UK who’ve been brought together to represent and provide an authentic youth voice for the Network.

Working with Film Hub London’s Young Audiences lead Moira McVean, the group will be recommending new release films that they believe will resonate particularly well with their peers and young people aged 16-30. These films and marketing/event suggestions from the group will be shared through the FAN Booking Now newsletter.

The first title they’d like to champion for 2020 is Parasite and, working with Curzon Artificial Eye, the Young Consultants have created a light touch marketing pack that aims specifically to support exhibitors pitching the film to younger audiences, in this case 18-30 year olds.

The group members are:

  • Linnea Pettersson – Young Audiences Co-ordinator (Showroom, Sheffield)
  • Maria Cabrera – Film Curation Officer/Independent Film Programmer (Into Film)
  • Gage Oxley – Youth Engagement Co-ordinator/Director & Director of Oxygen Films (Leeds Young Film)
  • Rebekah Taylor – Film Officer (Derby Quad – FHM)
  • Cherelle Wilks – Marketing Co-ordinator (Broadway, Nottingham – FHM)
  • Alex Goldsmith – Cinema Assistant (Storyhouse, Chester – FHN)
  • Yasmin Begum  – Freelance Creative (Cardiff, Wales)
  • Umulkhayr Mohammed – Freelance Consultant, Writer, Curator (Cardiff, Wales)
  • Lily Van den Broecke – UK Audiences Co-ordinator (BFI)
  • Kambole Campbell – Freelance Film Critic (London)
  • Caitlin Lydon – Digital Co-ordinator (Film London)
  • Caroline Wilson – Co-founder of Undr Lndn (London)
  • Aaron Guthrie – Young Audiences Co-ordinator (QFT, Belfast)
  • Lucie Tornicelli – FAN Major Programmes Assistant (Broadway)
  • Megan Mitchell  – Producer (Matchbox Cineclub)
  • Gabrielle Jackson – Film and Marketing Assistant (Brewery Arts, Kendall)
  • Thea Berry  – Cinema Producer (Watershed, Bristol)
  • Katie Skinner  – Freelance Writer/Projectionist/Student (MacRobert’s, Stirling)
  • Phil Kennedy – Marketing and Communications Officer (HOME, Manchester)
  • James Calver – Project Co-ordinator (ICO)
  • Conall Melarkey  – Creative Producer/BFI Film Academy Mentor (Nerve Centre, Belfast)

For more information about the group and the FAN Young Audiences activity please contact


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