Article: Film Distributors’ Association launches A Season of Cinematic Goodwill

During the Summer UK and Irish distributors amassed a collection of 500+ catalogue titles to aid film programmers and exhibitors as they reopened their doors to customers, courtesy of the Film Distributors’ Association (FDA)’s free-to-book Relaunching Cinema: Content for Recovery. Now, as some cinemas re-open for the holiday season, the FDA is presenting a collection of Christmas titles that are now available to book – A Season of Cinematic Goodwill.

Over the summer, Relaunching Cinema: Content for Recovery was designed to entice and excite returning audiences, acting as a strong reminder of the power that cinema possesses, whilst offering something for every possible taste. Since the Summer, cinemas in the UK and Ireland have faced further periods of closure, but hopefully there is some light ahead as we approach the festive season. In this traditionally strong period for cinema-going, the FDA has compiled A Season of Cinematic Goodwill.

This document is certainly not exhaustive, though it should serve as an easy-to-use guide to some of the great seasonal titles out there. Films are listed with running times, certificates, available additional formats, plus sales contacts by company for both the UK and Ireland. The FDA has compiled the list from multiple distributors and it should be seen as complementary to the many individual sales offers currently in the market. The films do not in any way represent a collective commercial offer, and all possible bookings and agreements should be discussed directly between individual distributors and exhibitors, in-line with recognised competition law compliance.

In what has been a tumultuous year, the cross-industry recovery efforts between distribution and exhibition stand as one of the few high points and hint at a better future ahead for our sector. With this positive, collaborative spirit in mind, it is hoped that cinemas will choose well from the films listed and welcome healthy audience numbers back into their cinemas over the holidays.

FDA: A Season of Cinematic Goodwill

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