Article: New titles added to Film Hub Wales online preview room for BFI FAN members

Film Hub Wales is hosting an online preview room, which is open to all members of BFI FAN UK wide, where you can access the latest password protected film screeners.

The virtual screening room is open to BFI FAN members all over the country and to you register, simply email Film Hub Wales and let them know which hub region you’re a member of. 

If there is a particular screener you are looking for, please include this with the name of the distributor. Not all screeners can be provided, this is at the discretion of the distributor, but we’re always keen to source films that you’re interested in.

New titles to the room include Flee, Paris, 13th District, Never Too Late, Amulet, The Tinderbox and Your Mum and Dad.

To book any of these films, please contact the distributor/booking contact on the individual film page.

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