Article: How Data is Transforming Audience Relationships

How Data is Transforming Audience Relationships

Last month in Cannes, Europa Cinemas revealed their latest innovation survey “How Data is Transforming Audience Relationships”.

Europa Cinemas is a network of over 1100 cinemas in Europe – so the survey is representative of all types of cinemas across the continent, from the small towns to the multiplexes, and how they are approaching their data.

The survey reveals one of the most interesting pictures of new technology hitting the cinema sector, identifying “super users” who are immersed in navigating the key issues, and a series of case studies providing an in depth look at cinemas who can provide practical routes.

Here are some of the highlights of the survey:

  • Belief in the value of audience data

Network members understand competition for consumer time is growing and that audience attitudes are changing. It is now widely understood that new tools are required to manage the big increase in data from a variety of sources.

  • A knowledge gap

It is clear from the responses to the questionnaire that large numbers of cinemas have a fairly rudimentary understanding of data analytics.

  • From necessity to opportunity

Those that have made the leap into data investments appear to be finding value beyond their initial expectations. In some ways, the initial investment is often driven by defensive considerations for the business and European film more widely, particularly a growing sense of changing audience expectations and greater competition for consumer time.

Every cinema is a software company, every cinema is a digital organisation.

Sounds odd? I’m twisting Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s words, but it remains true – for cinemas to continue to prosper, they have to adapt to becoming modern organisations that use software to find an edge.

The old school marketing is still relevant, but shrinking fast – just two thirds of cinemas still use print marketing, with social media now the most important tool for everyone. Cinema Paradiso in St. Pölten, Austria has even been sending a weekly programme by Whatsapp.

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