Article: ICO secures selection of horror films for BFI In Dreams Are Monsters blockbuster season

The Independent Cinema Office have secured a menu of horror films for exhibitors looking to put on screenings for this year’s BFI blockbuster season – In Dreams Are Monsters.

Running from October to December 2022, In Dreams Are Monsters will be a major UK-wide film and events season, charting how the monsters of horror have evolved, made physical the anxieties of their times, and how we react when faced with the monster within.

Alongside a major season at BFI Southbank, UK-wide BFI releases, one-off special events and more, from October 2022 to December 2022, the Independent Cinema Office will be running a nationwide tour as part of the blockbuster season.

Their menu of films offers venues excellent entry points so you can share these films with your audience.

They have secured a selection of films that welcome everyone to understand how horror has been a powerful way to explore radical ideas throughout the history of film.

Titles include:

All films have been secured at special terms and without print transport fees, making it easier than ever to bring these films to existing and new audiences. (Tour dates: 1 October 2022–31 December 2022)

Other ways to get involved include support for special curated events, enhanced screenings and season through Film Hub Midlands, the cross-FAN lead for BFI Major Programmes. To read more about Major Programmes support, click here.

Bookings for this tour will close on Friday 1 December. To book, please email Duncan Carson at

You can also apply to Film Hub Midlands, the cross-FAN lead for BFI Major Programmes, for funding to support additional activities around your screenings.

If you have any questions about the season, please get in touch with Major Programmes Manager Manon Euler at

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