FAN New Release: System Crasher

The final New Release title of 2019/2020, System Crasher distributed by 606 Distribution, is out on 27 March.

She is small, but dangerous. Wherever Benni ends up, she is immediately expelled. 

The wild 9-year-old girl has already become what child protection services call a “system crasher” and she is certainly not looking to change her ways. 

Benni has one single goal: to be back at home with her mommy! Unfortunately, her mother is scared of her own daughter. Trying to find a permanent placement for Benni, Child Protection Services hires Micha, an anger management trainer and suddenly there is a seed of hope. Will Micha be able to succeed where all others despaired? 

While being acutely authentic, first-time director Nora Fingscheidt transcends a psychological study and crafts vibrant, visceral and emotional cinema, which evokes unforgettable performances.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, System Crasher has now found a home on a number of independent streaming services. 

Here are where your members can see this hard-hitting drama from director  Nora Fingscheidt

Watch the Q&A with director Nora Fingscheidt, as part of Curzon’s Director Q&A series, here.