Case Study: Cinema Know How

Cinema Know How is a service design programme specifically for the film exhibition sector. It delivers a bespoke, forward thinking and open source programme designed around the cinema experience that impacts on both venues and their audience as well as supporting organisational culture change.

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Service design is about shaping service experiences so that they really work for people. At the heart of this programme is a focus on customer experience and audience development.

We’re providing organisations with the relevant methods, tools, and confidence to be ambitious and successfully incorporate this customer-focused approach. We want to strengthen their organisational offer and values.

Project aims

  • Explore how your organisation interacts with customers and what their experiences are with the building, staff, and services.

  • To ask the question: Who isn't coming and why?

  • To tackle the challenge of audience development through service design - if you are a bit hazy on service design, here is a handy explanation:rnrn“When you have two coffee shops right next to each other, that each sell the exact same coffee at the exact same price. Service design is what makes you walk into the one and not the other.”rnrnMarc Fonteijn


  • There are similarities in the challenges and barriers that are faced by these organisations, so the potential is there to generate a network that can support, inspire, and collaborate.

  • We developed an open source programme, anyone can use these methods and tools to develop your ideas.

  • We supported eleven cinemas with embedding service design within their organisation.

  • We supported over 60 people in the industry in their professional development.

  • Three organisations have leveraged further funding based on their Cinema Know How learnings.

Key partnerships

We collaborated with award-winning service design agency, Snook, to design the Cinema Know How programme.

The following cinemas have now participated:
Broadway Nottingham,
Errol Flynn Filmhouse,
Phoenix Leicester,
Core at Corby Cube,
The Rio,
Ultimate Picture Palace,
Curzon Clevedon,
Junction Goole,
Hull Independent Cinema,
Forum Hexham

Knowledge & Experience

We’re building a network of venues who are embedding service design in their organisation.

Starting with a pilot programme at Broadway; the programme provided an open space where ideas and suggestions could be discussed and developed together.

Following the success of the pilot, we invited four Film Hub Central East members to participate in a hub roll out.

With continued success, over summer 2016 we invited six more venues from around the country to take part in a FAN cohort; inviting organisations from Film Hubs North, South West & West Midlands, South East, and London.

What professionals, press and partners said

  • "Cinema Know How is a great opportunity to give a voice to all departments and tackle challenges from all angles, making sure decisions are taken as a group and that all changes have a positive impact.rnrnIt also acts as a great team building exercise, allowing everyone to understand each other’s challenges and working as a group to improve the customer experience”rnrnMeli Gueneau, Marketing and Press Coordinator at Broadway