There is more to watching films than meets the eye; experiencing films together can change our lives & communities for the better. 

The BFI Film Audience Network has developed The Bigger Picture to showcase how film exhibitors from across the UK are making a difference. Full of inspirational case studies, articles guides and research, this resource, developed by exhibitors for exhibitors, is a place to pick up ideas, get different perspectives on the issues we are facing and to share our stories with the wider world. 

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Case studies

Case study

Strange Worlds, Changing Utopia, Victoria Park Productions

Strange Worlds, Changing Utopias Film Season was an originally curated season celebrating archive film and dynamic new stories exploring the pressing issues of our past, present and future. The season aimed to respond to the most important issues facing society today: people and the ever changing relationship to our environment.

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Case study

Silent Film Revolution

Over the course of 2019 and 2020, South West Silents showcased the way that silent film could (and should) be correctly screened with the best restorations from around the world and the best musicians to play live alongside the films.

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