For your use, please find below FAN guides and digital toolkits to help you tell new audiences about your events.

Film And TV Charity: Support Services

From writing to casting, production to publicity, broadcast and cinema exhibition, the Film and TV Charity support the lives of everyone working behind the scenes in our film and TV industry. If you work in cinema, the current situation may be making you feel anxious. But it’s important to remember that you’re part of a creative community, and support is available.

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Inclusive Cinema: Dismantling Structural Inequality in Your Cinema

A practical guide for improving the experiences of POC audiences, staff and filmmakers – and other intersections including gender, sexuality, disability, income and class. 

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FAN Guide to Safeguarding for Film Exhibitors

The BFI FAN Audience Network have created a guide to safeguarding for film exhibitors. This includes definitions, tips for working with both children and adults, how to create code of conduct policies and much more information on how to create a safer environment as a film exhibitor.

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The Space: Online Abuse – A Toolkit for the Cultural Sector

Is online abuse a problem for the cultural sector? The Space have launched a guide to help you protect yourself and your organisation.

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Matchbox Cineclub: Principles of Subtitling and Practical Subtitling

As part of the Film Hub Scotland Access Forum, Matchbox Cineclub have done two ‘how-to’ guides on how FAN members can make their programmes as accessible as possible. If FAN members have any questions about captioning, from cost to practicalities of work they can’t undertake themselves, then please get in touch at

Video 1: Principles of Subtitling  Video 2: Practical Subtitling  PDF: How to source, edit and screen subtitle files

SQIFF’s Deaf and Disabled Accessibility Guide

Work towards making your venue, events and online content fully accessible and inclusive with SQIFF’s Deaf and Disabled Accessibility Guide, supported by Film Hub Scotland. 

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Matchbox Cineclub: Sliding Scale Guide

Adapting SQIFF/Green Bottle sliding scale, Matchbox Cineclub have put together a pricing guide in order to make venues as accessible as possible by letting customers pay what they can afford.

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How to develop audiences for independent cinemas

Want to expand your audience and bring new members of your community into your venue? Read the Independent Cinema Office’s downloadable guide. Find other ICO guidance and advice.

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Marketing for Independent Cinemas

Want to start thinking more strategically about your marketing and communications? Read the Independent Cinema Office’s downloadable guide. Find other ICO guidance and advice.

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FAN Guidance for Community Cinemas and Non Theatrical Exhibitors

With venues reopening and films coming to the market, the Film Audience Network have compiled a document covering the most important questions, opportunities and considerations if you’re thinking of showing films again soon.

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FAN Young Consultants marketing packs

In collaboration with distributors, the FAN Young Consultants create light-touch marketing packs with digital assets, eventising and social media marketing ideas aimed specifically at supporting exhibitors attracting younger audiences to their venues.

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A Simple Guide To: Comms during closure & working towards reopening

A guide developed with the input of FAN partners and members to support the wider membership in their communication strategy during and post closure.

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Inclusive Cinema: A toolkit for exhibitors focused on inclusion

The Inclusive Cinema site is for any and all exhibitors to share an access case studies, source guidance and the latest data around diverse audience groups.

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A Simple Guide To: Digital Marketing

Marketing your events online can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. To get you started, here are some easy steps to promote your event online.

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A Simple Guide To: Augmenting Film Screenings

Putting on a film screening doesn’t have to be about just showing a film. Venues can make their events stand out and attract new audiences by augmenting their screenings with something extra.

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Advice Sessions

FAN Advice Sessions

Are you in need of specialist advice for your venue, programme, or festival? Would you like one-on-one advice in business planning, health and safety, or technical questions?
FAN Advice Sessions offers 1-on-1 or group sessions with cinema industry experts.



BFI FAN Brand Guidelines

Find out how to properly use the BFI FAN logo for all events supported by Film Hubs or national BFI FAN projects.

Download pdf (4.9Mb)