Article: FAN Conversations: Reframing Film Sessions at Cinema Rediscovered

Join some of the most distinctive voices in film curation and archiving for a session on the potential of reframing film heritage at this year’s Cinema Rediscovered on Wed 20 July.

The day kicks off with a session exploring the role of festivals in reframing films from the past and the ripple effect that can have, with guests contributions from Il Cinema Ritrovato (pictured below) Widescreen and The Essay Film Festival. There is also a session on Repertory Programming – all year round – followed by a Networking lunch.

You can then join in our Restored & Rediscovered Slate Presentation hosted by Film Critic Neil Ramjee to get a better sense of what is coming up and hear about release plans from UK distributors such as Park Circus, BFI and MUBI (whose One Second by Zhang Yimo pictured above is showing at Cinema Rediscovered.)

The sessions take place at Watershed in Bristol on Wednesday 20 July (10.30am – 6pm) as part of FAN Conversations a series of discussions designed to create and respond to the need for exchange amongst film exhibitors across the UK. It is a Film Hub South West led initiative co-presented with BFI Film Audience Network (FAN) partners with support from National Lottery, MUBI and Park Circus.

See the full Reframing Film Programme and register here.

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Reframing Film: The Ripple Effect of Festivals

11am – 11.50am

This session will look at the impact festivals can have in bringing attention to films from the past and in broadening and reframing “the canon.” After a two year hiatus when festivals adapted to online or hybrid screenings and audiences have been able to access more films online, this will be an opportunity to reflect on the importance and impact of IRL festivals. The session will also look at the role festivals have in creating opportunities for wider audience engagement through distinctive programming, local outreach, international collaborations, touring programmes and partnerships with distributors and streaming platforms.

Guests will include Ehsan Khoshbakht (Il Cinema Ritrovato), Kathryn Penny (Widescreen Festival), Matthew Barrington (Barbican and Essay Film Festival) and Kristi Matheson (Edinburgh Film Festival).

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Reframing Film: Repertory Programming – all year round

12.10pm – 1pm Cinema 3

Whilst cinemas were closed during covid, people’s viewing habits have evolved, migrating to the many opportunities online, accessing a plethora of films from the safety and comfort of their homes.

As cinemas are working hard to regain audiences’ attention, where does repertory programming and re-releases fit into the post-covid cinema world? This session will explore audience appetite and interest in seeing older films on the big screen as well as the strategies that cinemas are developing to attract audiences back for those films.

Guest speakers including Wendy Cook (Hyde Picturehouse, Leeds), Paul Gallagher (Glasgow Film Theatre), Isra Al Kassi (T.A.P.E. Collective) hosted by Mark Cosgrove (Cinema Rediscovered Founder & Watershed Cinema Curator).

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Restored & Rediscovered Slate Presentation

3pm – 4pm Cinema 3

Join in our Restored & Rediscovered slate presentation hosted by Film Critic Neil Ramjee to get a better sense of what is coming up and hear about release plans from UK distributors such as Park Circus, BFI distribution and MUBI and find out about touring programmes available for you to book this year.

These events are free and open to FAN Member organisations and archive practitioners. Registered participants can access a £50 Festival Pass to Cinema Rediscovered (20 – 24 July 2022 in and around Bristol.)

To find out how to join BFI FAN, contact your regional hub.

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