Article: Make your cinema a destination for students with the Art Fund’s Student Art Pass

Make your independent cinema a destination for Student Art Pass members with tickets for £5 or less.

To raise the profile of the existing youth ticketing schemes at FAN member venues, we developed a new partnership with the Art Fund’s Student Art Pass which aims to give independent cinemas in the UK some additional profile. The partnership stalled due to the pandemic but the Art Pass team is now recruiting a fresh cohort of students so this is a fresh call-out for new cinemas to sign up!

Collaborative opportunity

If you have a ticket offer of £5 or less for 16-25 year olds (or if your general ticket offer is £5 or less) they’d like to profile your cinema and offer to their student membership. All we need to add your cinema to their offer is a blurb  about your fabulous venue (50-100 words), your address and website and your ticket prices/offer. Venues will be added on a rolling basis throughout the year.

What is the Art Fund? 

  • The Art Fund is a charity that supports museums to show more art and encourages people to see more art.
  • Art Pass members get free entry to over 240 museums, galleries and historic houses across the UK and 50% off major exhibitions
  • In 2017, they commissioned research into how they could build the 18-25 year old audience for UK museums and similarly to cinemas found that cost was the biggest barrier to young people visiting more often, so they launched the Student Art Pass which costs just £5 a year for all the same benefits.

Who are the Student Art Pass members?

  • When we launched the partnership in early 2020 their cohort numbered around 23,500 full-time university students across the UK. They’re aiming to increase that number this year and expect to have 30,000 students enrolled by January 2022
  • In 2020 12K were in London, and 11K were spread regionally (they expect similar if not more regional reach this year)
  • Their members are passionate about arts experiences making them a prime audience for independent cinema

How do they communicate with their Student members?

They create bespoke content for their student community and share it across their 3 channels:

  • Student website
  • Fortnightly e-newsletter to 23,500 subscribers (2020 figures)
  • Instagram @studentartpass which has over 6,700 followers

This is the original article from the partnership launch in February 2020 (terrible timing) as an example of how your information will be presented.

For more information, please contact if you would like to take up this opportunity,

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