Article: Share your thoughts on the new 2023-2033 National Lottery funding strategy

The BFI is currently developing a new 10-year National Lottery strategy setting out what we want to achieve as a distributor of funding over this period.

As a successor to BFI2022 and running from April 2023 to the BFI’s centenary in 2033, the new strategy will also draw upon the work we have done to set out a clear purpose and vision for the BFI to transform access to our programmes, screen culture and jobs.

In line with the BFI’s National Lottery policy directions for good cause funding, the strategy will provide an overarching framework of principles, objectives and outcomes to help us prioritise areas of activity and support the development of a series of three-year funding plans. Working together, the strategy and the funding plans aim to ensure the continued vibrancy of the stories that we tell, experience and enjoy on screen, unlocking cultural, industrial, social and economic benefits UK-wide along the way.

The first step towards developing this strategy with the sector was undertaken from August to October 2021. BritainThinks, an independent research agency that has worked extensively with public sector and commercial organisations, conducted a consultation (which we have called Next Up) with stakeholders and the public designed to establish shared priorities for the screen sectors – including film, TV and games – over the next 10 years.

Through this consultation we heard from a sample of individual creatives, cultural bodies and organisations from film, television, games, animation, children’s TV, immersive and interactive. Members of the public were also engaged in this phase of the consultation through participating in a nationally-represented online survey, as well as in focus groups and interviews.

The detailed findings from the BritainThinks consultation and a summary report which acts as a guide for interpreting the research were published on 17 January 2022 and are available to read below. Key findings were also presented at a webinar hosted by BritainThinks.

Tell us what you think

A second stage of open consultation takes place from Wednesday 20 April to Wednesday 18 May, which will lead to the final plan being published in autumn 2022. Our aim is to ensure we have as many aspects as possible of the new strategy and implementation plan up and running for April 2023. You can download and read the full consultation document ‘Next Up Pt.2’ below.

During this phase of consultation we want to hear from as many people as possible, from members of the public across the UK to people working in every area of the UK screen sector.

We are working with BritainThinks to run an online survey which will allow you to contribute your thoughts about the proposed strategic framework for the National Lottery funding as set out in Next Up Part 2, published below, and your ideas for how it can be improved. The survey will be open from Wednesday 20 April until Thursday 19 May and can be accessed online.

As part of this consultation, we will also be holding 16 Talkabout events across the UK between 25 April and 18 May, so we can hear your thoughts on the strategic framework and also consider its specific relevance for the local area. Participation in these events will be solely online so we can make them as widely accessible as possible. A full list of the Talkabout locations, dates, times and links to register to attend can be found below.

We are using the insights, knowledge and information from the consultation process to refine and produce the final National Lottery strategy, as well as the initial funding plan, to make sure they meet the needs of the sector as best as possible.

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