Article: Short Film Day: Encounters Presents In Shorts Are Monsters

This International Short Film Day (21 December), Encounters presents a curated package of chilling contemporary international short films to accompany the BFI season ‘In Dreams are Monsters’, taking place UK-wide October – December 2022.

In Shorts are Monsters comprises of two programmes of contemporary UK and international short films from the Encounters Film Festival archive:

Beasts of the Outdoors (40 min)

  • The Thing That Ate the Birds, Directed by Sophie Mair and Dan Gitsham (UK, 2021)
  • You’re Not Home, Directed by Derek Ugochukwu (Ireland, 2021)
  • Wake Up, Directed by Tiago Teixeira     (UK, 2021)
  • Red Room, Directed by Bryan M. Ferguson (UK, 2021)

Urban Ghouls (41 min)

  • Bubble, Directed by Haonan Wang (China, 2020)
  • Asian Girls, Directed by Hyun Lee  (Australia, 2017)
  • Seagull, Directed by Dean Puckett (UK, 2021)
  • Night Bus, Directed by Jessica Ashworth and Henrietta Ashworth (UK, 2019)
  • Super Blood, Directed by Sally Cancello    (UK, 2021)

So join them for a journey into the monstrous…

These sub-15 minute, BBFC-classified, SDH captioned short films from the Encounters archive are offered as complete programmes at a reduced fee of £20. Titles from each package can be used to supplement your organisation’s planned In Dreams Are Monsters screenings, or presented as stand-alone short film events.

If you are interested in screening these programmes or would like a screener please contact Jonny Tull at

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Screening as part of In Dreams Are Monsters: A Season of Horror Films, a UK-wide film season supported by the National Lottery and BFI Film Audience Network.

More information about the seasons and upcoming screenings in your region:

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