Article: What is the confidence of minority audiences when it comes to returning to cinemas?

With discussions over the safety of cinemas reopening in the COVID-19 era still ongoing, We Are Parable conducted research on minority audience confidence in returning to the cinema. 

We Are Parable revel in the power of live experience within cinemas, so were concerned about how COVID-19 was going to affect their business model, however a bigger concern for them was the need to ensure that their audiences were safe when they finally return to creating live events in the cinema again.

With the unavoidable news that Black, Asian and other ethnic groups are up to four times more likely to die from Covid-19, We Are Parable felt like additional questions were needed to be answered about safeguarding minority audiences.

After finding out that there wasn’t much dialogue about how Black, Asian and other ethnic audiences feel about returning to the cinema as lockdown begins to ease, We Are Parable were subsequently commissioned by the BFI and the Film Audience Network to look into the confidence levels of these audiences.

They have now published the results and can be accessed below.

You can also read a summary of their results via the Independent Cinema Office’s blog

Download the Audience Confidence research

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