Article: Inclusive Cinema launches T.L.C.: a new podcast mini-series for trans curators, writers and thinkers within cinema exhibition

Inclusive Cinema has launched a new T.L.C. (aka Tender Loving Care for Trans-Led/Trans-Loved Cinema) podcast resource is creating a space for the trans community and cis allies alike to celebrate, learn and share.

Over four episodes, trans curators, writers, and thinkers in the realm of cinema unpack some of the challenges and joys about being a trans person in cinema, offering stories, research and advice to champion trans-led and trans-loved cinema to help firmly establish it as part of the wider UK film exhibition landscape.

The podcast series and accompanying written resource documents a series of trans-focused film events from across the UK, from Orkney to London. Trans and non-binary programmers, filmmakers and speakers highlight the many ways to centre and celebrate trans cinema through rich insights and shared stories. Across in-depth intros, curious Q&As, friendly panels and engaged audience discussions, listeners and readers can expect to learn more about how to wholeheartedly support trans filmmakers and audiences.

Highlights of the podcasts include:

  • An intimate introduction with Alice Blanc (they/them, founder of Trans+ on Screen) and Jaye Hudson (she/her, programmer at Fringe! Queer Film and Arts Festival London, and more), hosted by So Mayer (they/them). They talk through finding joy in film, safety strategies for trans team members in public events and creative thinking around the definition of ‘trans film’.
  •  A playful panel discussion in Hawick delving into trans representation and collaborative filmmaking with programmer Milo Clenshaw (he/him, Alchemy Film & Arts) and speakers Rosana Cade (they/them), Ivor McCaskill (he/him), Natalie Ferguson and Katie Somers (all independent artists and filmmakers)
  • Insightful reflections on establishing a ‘trans film’ canon and how trans film can transcend not just gender binaries but established filmmaking norms by Lillian Crawford (she/her, freelance writer & researcher) talking about the classic Japanese Experimental film Funeral Parade of Roses.
  • A rich Q&A between Juliet Jaques (she/her, writer and filmmaker) and Sarah Pucill (she/her, film artist), at the Lexi, London, delving deeper into Sarah’s film Magic Mirror (2013); experimental filmmaking, transness, and the potential of gender freedom through the medium of film.
  • An exciting bonus episode to be released in spring, with programmer Bea Copland (she/her) in conversation with Laura Kate Dale (she/her) at the Phoenix Cinema in Orkney. Expect intriguing conversation around the intimate documentary Born to Be, which follows Dr. Jess Ting (he/him) offering gender affirming health care to trans and non-binary people in New York City.

The written resource will expand on these themes, offering answers to tricky questions around programming trans film and filmmakers developing best practice for organisations and independent organisers.

The podcast is launching on Podbean and will soon be available wherever you get your podcasts. You can find it on the Inclusive Cinema website along with additional written notes here [LINK]

T.L.C. aims to provide valuable advice to venues, practitioners and filmmakers looking to support trans inclusion in cinema, helping to address the historic imbalance of trans representation on screen.

So Mayer, project consultant, says: “Creating TLC has been a process of (gender) euphoria. As a creative team, we’re so grateful for the tender, loving care that went into sharing ideas about screening, discussing and promoting trans+ films; building community by networking speakers, filmmakers, venues and audiences; and creating long-lasting accessible, shareable resources to keep the project alive. We hope that listeners hear the passion and pride in the podcasts and resources, and that the wealth of insights and examples sets a spark for future opportunities for audiences to experience…”

This project is led by Film Hub Wales and supported by the BFI Film Audience Network (FAN) – using funds from the National Lottery to ensure the greatest choice of cinema is available to everyone across the UK.

Funds in Wales are administered by FHW via Chapter as the Film Hub Lead Organisation.

More than £30M is raised each week for good causes across the UK by the National Lottery.


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