Case Study: Bounce Cinema


Bounce Cinema delivered 4 film screenings targeting their core audience of 18-30 year olds and particularly those from BAME backgrounds. The programme consisted of independent short films that celebrated filmmakers from all walks of life with a strong focus and dedication on showcasing the works of underrepresented voices within the industry (BAME and female talent).

Project aims

  • To showcase underrepresented voices within the industry

  • To introduce new audiences to the partner venues Genesis and Rich Mix

  • To challenge the pre-conception that short film is not accessible or inclusive


  • All 4 screenings sold out in advance.

  • Audiences reported feeling welcomed and enjoyed the overall experience.

  • Bounce is about giving young audiences the chance to connect and key to that is creating the right environment for enjoying film. Bounce successfully creates the vibe to suit the venue so always giving the audience a new experience.

  • The film programme champions short film, particularly British short film and its filmmakers.

  • Bounce has successfully co-funded the production of a short film by re-investing profits from their screening programme and then showcasing that film to their audience.


12 short films across 4 programmes

Key partnerships

Genesis and Rich Mix as Venue partners and Film Hub London as the funding partners. Additional food and drinks sponsors are engaged depending on the venue but this wasn’t needed for this particular series of events.

Budget in brief

Approximate cost of £2,000 to stage each event so £8,000 for the 4 screening programme.

Income from Film London funding £3,000 based on projected audience of 600 so subsidy of £5 per head. Actual cost per head based on £3,000 investment £1.85

Other income Tickets sales, venue support and sponsor.

What worked

  • 4 sold out screenings

  • Premieres of new content screening to new audiences

  • Keeping the programme as a surprise for each event resonates with the audience Bounce attracts

  • Simple marketing of events through Instagram and word of mouth

  • Event formula of short films plus filmmaker Q&As ensures the programme is diverse and relevant to the audiences for Bounce

  • Bounce mainly attracts 16-30 year olds who are generally infrequent cinema attendees

What has been difficult

  • Balancing staff of volunteers who juggle their day jobs with their work on Bounce

  • It’s an intense project to work on and volunteers have to cope with multiple roles

  • Still mainly volunteer run

  • As time for working on events is limited it can be difficult to work strategically on developing the brand and programme series

What you would do differently if you did it again

  • Spend more time on fundraising activities to meet the ambitions of the team

  • Spend more time on developing a strategy to support the sustainability of the organisation.

Awareness / Attitudes

Raising aspirations is key to the aims of Bounce Cinema. It’s not just about trying to get budding filmmakers there to engage with the new talent on screen and in the room, it’s about making film and the short film experience as inclusive as possible. It’s very much about the emotions that film watching can illicit and it’s all about having a good time with and through film.

Bounce ensures the film programme and presented talent is as diverse as London’s audiences are but it’s also about highlighting new cultures and lifestyles, broadening horizons, developing empathy and understanding.


The content is always diverse and as a BAME-led collective Bounce’s audience is naturally diverse. Key to their success is authenticity. Representation is never forced and the audience organically responds to this.

Knowledge & Experience

  • Audience survey responses suggest that 57% of the audience has been introduced to new types of film
  • 76% rated the experience as very good
  • Encouraging social mobility and career aspirations is supported at the events with the introduction of the filmmaking talent and the opportunity to be in a room of like-minded individuals. The audience is given the space and time to connect with each other and with the onstage talent within the structure of the event itself as well as at the post screening networking drinks
  • The audience is introduced to new content and talent and the environment is designed to feel welcoming, inclusive and exciting!


94% of the audience surveyed said that they would attend another Bounce event and 60% said that the event had encouraged them to attend similar events. Given that each screening sells out in advance and without the programme being explicitly advertised, it would suggest that the audience feels welcomed and that the experience enriches their lives.


Both the Genesis and Rich Mix reported that Bounce attracts new audiences to their cinemas from the local area, but also from further afield.

These sell out events are packaged with food and drinks offers by the venues and bar spend at Bounce events makes a significant contribution to the venue’s income.

What audiences said

  • ‘Great evening @bouncecinema watching the work of amazing independent UK filmmakers and hearing their thought process after #special’

  • ‘The Audience make you feel at home’

  • ‘It’s not as formal as other events and that makes it a lot more relaxing to watch a film and the reaction was immersive as so 'Many people were engaged’

  • ‘Absolutely love @bouncecinema this evening! Thank you for providing a platform for filmmakers to showcase their beautiful work which may otherwise go unnoticed’

  • ‘Met some dope people @bouncecinema tonight – more events like this in London pls’

What professionals, press and partners said

  • ‘Working with Bounce has been great, it’s so wonderful to see so many diverse young people at the Genesis. We’ve worked with Bounce on a couple of film screenings and they’ve managed to fill our biggest cinema screen every single time’ - Bobbie, Genesis Event Manager

  • ‘Rich Mix is a hub which celebrates creativity, we’ve really enjoyed working with Bounce on a series of screening events. They always bring a great energy to the space and a full house!’ - Josh McNorton, Head of Programmes, Rich Mix