Case Study: Clanmil Housing Association community screenings

A series of screenings took place in Clanmil Housing residential shared space housing developments.
The events brought communities together in a safe environment, and used film to engage with residents and the wider community.


This project brought films for young people right into the heart of communities in Belfast, and beyond.
Film Hub NI and Clanmill programmed a series of events over Halloween, Christmas and Feb half-term in 18/19. This was film screenings taking place each day in a different Clanmil venue, or local community centre.

Project aims

  • Use film to bring residents of Clanmil Housing together.

  • To allow people from the wider community to come into a shared space.

  • To use film to engage audiences on different topics.

  • To provide safe and enjoyable event for families and young people.

  • To offer older residents a cinema experience in their local area.


  • Excellent audience figures

  • High level of audience enjoyment (as evident from survey responses)

  • Opportunity to engage with the local community


Films included Monster House, The Babadook, Sing Street, Baby Driver and Lego Batman.

Key partnerships

Film Hub NI organised the licenses, PR and marketing and Belfast Film Festival delivered the technical aspects. Into Film ran some review writing workshops.

Budget in brief

Approx £5k to include technical support, licenses, marketing and refreshments.

What worked

  • The idea in general worked well. Refining it each time was useful. Using selection boxes and treats to encourage the completion of surveys worked.

What has been difficult

  • We had to play around with different venues, timings and titles each time we ran a series of screenings, learning from this informed the next series and so on.

  • Engaging directly with residents can be difficult.

What you would do differently if you did it again

  • Start with less films and work up to a full programme.

  • Create a way for the reisdents to programme the films themselves. We did try this using surveymonkey but there was little uptake.

Awareness / Attitudes

This had an impact of raising the awareness of our housing venues in the area, and giving the residents a feeling of pride in their home, as the wider community came to some of the screenings.


The audience for these screenings would primarily fall into a low socio-economic bracket.


Social Cohesion

This had a huge impact of social cohension in area. Especially in rural areas.

What audiences said

  • The staff and venue were great!

  • Great to see films on our doorstep

  • It's too expensive to bring the kids to the cinema at half-term so this is brilliant!

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