Article: Inclusive Cinema: Lesbian Visibility Week

This Lesbian Visibility Week, Inclusive Cinema has a host of resources and programming suggestions for exhibitors. 

Lesbian Visibility Week is about solidarity with all LGBTQI+ woman and non binary people in the community, as well as celebrating lesbians. It is essential that Lesbian Visibility Week is a voice for unity and lifts up ALL women, especially those who come from marginalised communities. Recent research (Pride Matters survey, conducted by Pride In London 2018) has shown that gay women are almost twice as unlikely to be out in the workplace as gay male colleagues.

There has been a Lesbian Visibility Day since 2008.

Building on this, DIVA want to create a week that recognises, celebrates and importantly supports lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer women across the UK and beyond to be their true selves at work, at home and socially.

Now is as important as ever to support the work of LGBTQ+ filmmakers and stories. Inclusive Cinema has some lists of films which focus on lesbian stories or characters, however lesbianism can often be misrepresented and/or underrepresented in film. It is hoped that increasing awareness and visibility will springboard more authentic representation in film, both onscreen and behind the camera.

Visit Inclusive Cinema for resources and film ideas.

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