Article: Journeys Into Films offering programme of shorts made by refugees filmmakers to exhibitors screening Limbo

To celebrate the release of Limbo by MUBI on 30 July, BFI FAN have teamed up with ArtReach to offer you the opportunity to add a short film to your screening.

Journeys into Film is a fresh and thoughtful selection of short films from five contemporary filmmakers that offer both artistic intrigue and an injection of the reality of displacement and seeking refuge. Through bold, experimental, and intimate approaches, these films articulate the voices of their makers’ lived experiences and will resonate with audiences across the country.

A fantastic programme of five especially selected contemporary short films that look to collective experiences of displacement: focusing on the stories of the sounds, languages, histories, and memories which shape our relationship to space and identity.

Each film can be provided individually for a small fee of £20 +VAT. The full programme can also be booked for £100+VAT and would work best as a stand alone follow up screening.

Please enquire with Dan Williamson for more details and to get preview access to the films.

The films include, The Little Whale on the Beach by Parang Khezri, My Name is Anik by Bircan Birol, Ambience by Wisam Al-Jafari, Birds or Borders by Parham Ghalamder and This is Not a Poem by Eric Ngalle Chrles and Greg Lewis. You can read more about each film below.

Available titles

The Little Whale on the Beach

Dir: Parang Khezri 2018

Duration: 8 mins | Country: UK | Rating:

A montage of real refugee stories, The Little Whale on the Beach explores history repeating itself, as a child explores a dreamland on sandy shores. Surreal, explorative and playful in style, Parang Khezi’s experimental film was created collaboratively for Journeys Festival International; this was a pertinent and personal story for the director and the crew.


My Name is Anik

Dir. Bircan Birol 2020

Duration: 15.29 mins |Country: UK | Rating:

Filmmaker Bircan Birol embarks on a mission to learn Kurdish from her grandmother Anik, as she lives in Turkey and goes by her Turkified name Belguzar. My Name Is Anik explores the complicated effort of grasping her mother tongue, as Anik reflects on painful and poignant memories. This intimate depiction of Birol and her grandmother reveals a glimpse of the joining of language, culture and identity



Dir: Wisam Al-Jafari 2018

Duration: 15.20 mins | Country: Palestine | Rating:

Two young people attempt an impossibly absurd venture, finding a space to record music inside their camp. In this bid to win a Music competition, their drive for success pushes the two to work more creatively than they first considered. Wisam Al-Jafari’s Ambience highlights the frustration and chaos of life under occupation.


Birds or Borders

Dir: Parham Ghalamdmar 2020

Duration: 6.12 mins |Country: UK | Rating:

Free-thinking and free form animation produced by artist Parham Ghalamdmar, Birds or Borders explore expanded painting and drawing, stretching out each technique with vibrant digital tools. The film borrows from the COVID-19 context to demonstrate how lack of freedom is no new thing for migrants.


This Is Not a Poem

Dir: Eric Ngalle Charles and Greg Lewis 2018

Duration: 16.55 mins | Country: UK | Rating:

As we follow Eric Ngalle Charles through the varied Welsh Countryside, This Is Not A Poem is a reflection on exile and the overlapping stories of migration. With offerings of several languages, voices and rhythms, this film moves between Eric’s arresting storytelling and dramatic landscapes as he finds his roots in a new home.

Total Running Time for ALL shorts: 62 mins. All films are classified U


Produced by charity ArtReach, Journeys into Film is a fresh and contemporary strand, developed after 8 years of the annual Journeys Festival International. The programme is supported and made possible by Film Hub North and Film Hub Midlands, awarding National Lottery funding on behalf of the BFI Film Audience Network. With their continued support, Journeys Into Film is able to exhibit a selection of bold, experimental, and intimate films which articulate the voices of their makers’ lived experiences, resonating with audiences across the country.

Journeys Into Film

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