Article: Revisit This Way Up 2020

Did you miss this year’s This Way Up? Don’t worry, now you can re-watch all the sessions.

We’re excited to share the captioned recordings of This Way Up 2020 courtesy of Film Hub North and Film Hub Scotland.

The conference was an intense 3 days of discussion and debate – these recordings are a chance for you to revisit any talking points you’d like to unpack further and to catch up with sessions you might have missed.

It is hoped that the insights shared in these sessions inspire your work going forward and lead to a happier year for the exhibition sector in 2021.

Thanks go to our guest speakers for their contributions during the conference, and for making them available through This Way Up’s online archive. Feel free to share these videos with your colleagues and industry peers.

Thanks as well to the event sponsors – INDY Cinema Group, Film Distributors’ Association and Comscore – for their support of the conference during a challenging year.

Re-watch This Way Up 2020 now

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